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Shurikan Star Association


From origami stars to childhood and adolescent cancer research

The ancient warriors of Japan fought against their enemies using "Shuriken" stars (手裏剣). These small pointed weapons were impregnated with poisonous substances. Once launched at their enemies, the ninjas managed to shoot them down and thus win the battle.

Alex was 10 years old when his brother Marc was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. With his friend Héctor, they immediately discovered that very little research was done on childhood and juvenile cancer. Childhood cancer is random, unpredictable and very different from adult cancer. 


Like the old ninjas, Alex and Héctor decided to get down to business. Fans of origami, they began to make what they called paper stars shuriken. They reunited a few classmates, and together, at playground time, they made paper stars to sell. All the money raised went to the osteosarcoma research line of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

While Marc was recovering in the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, a whole group of children and adults turned their attention to doing more and more Shurikans.

In February 2018, they gave the Hospital their first collection: €11,000 for childhood and juvenile cancer research.

The Shurikan Star Association keep making origami stars and raising funds to help research the best cure for boys and girls who, today, do not have adequate treatment for their cancer.

100% of the funds raised by the Association are destined to the newly inaugurated SJD Pediatric Cancer Center of Barcelona.

We keep doing Shurikans, we continue to help research on childhood and juvenile cancer.



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